My name is Alana. I’m just a young woman trying as best as I can to live a pretty normal life in this often times abnormal world. 🙂 The main purpose of this blog is to express my opinions about and to (hopefully) engage in open and intelligent debate about what’s going on in the world of politics, about society, and about the state of the world in whole. I also will often share my thoughts (or ranting’s ;)) about the things that I experience in my vast many interests and hobbies; including but not limited to: my frustration with the lack of freshness and creativity in the film industry to my excitement that I actually got my English lavender to grow in my garden (Really! You would not believe how hard that is to grow in MD climate. *sigh*). The opinions expressed here are my own. I’m not trying to push any particular agenda; I only hope to inform and engage. While I try to vet any facts I put forth as meticulously as possible and though my opinions have been formed from said facts, as well as logic, and common sense; I’m open to honest debate and have no problem accepting the truth of a matter. To get it out-of-the-way; I’m an Independent, I’ll vote for WHOEVER I think is best for the country as a whole, I have conservative views about some things, and I’m totally liberated (not a liberal) about just as many others! I’m opinionated, intense, and passionate. My humor is strange (Ok, that’s PC for dirty minded Smiley Faces, dry, and sarcastic Smiley Faces). I don’t try to bully and will not tolerate from others (So, keep it classy folks when making comments Smiley Faces).


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